Plumbing Tool — Plumber in Alice Springs, NT
Serving Alice Springs and Central Australia, Flavell Plumbing have more than 20 years of industry experience. We have the skills and knowledge to resolve any plumbing and drainage issues, no matter how complex.

From burst pipe repairs to fitting water saving devices, we cover all aspects of plumbing. Our team service the domestic, commercial and industrial needs of clients throughout Alice Springs, as well as remote areas of the Northern Territory.

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship, whether we are installing new plumbing and drainage systems or taking care of plumbing renovations. Prompt service, affordable pricing and professional advice are just a few of the benefits of choosing Flavell Plumbing for your next project.

For advice and assistance on your Alice Springs gasfitting and plumbing needs, contact Flavell Plumbing today.



The team at Flavell Plumbing are fully licensed to undertake a variety of new plumbing installations, testing and certifications. For safe, efficient and compliant gasfitting, plumbing and drainage, you can trust Flavell Plumbing.

  • Advanced Tradesman's Licence No. LPD1281 (Plumbing & Drainage)
  • Gasfitter licence issued from Work Health Authority Northern Territory No. 56582 (including domestic/commercial gas installation, Natural gas & Liquified Petroleum Gas)
  • CAL Accredited
  • Certificate of Attainment in Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • Certificate of Completion to Install & Test Backflow Prevention Systems

Working Mission Statement


  • Exceeding customers expectations every time they deal with us
  • Providing the highest quality workmanship
  • Displaying a courteous & professional approach by our team members
  • Providing / Undertaking continual training of our team
  • Abiding by all OH&S requirements

Flavell Plumbing are acknowledged as the best providers in our industry within the Central Australia region.

Our Working Environment


Team members are an integral part of the business and will benefit as the business grows. We provide an excellent working environment with the opportunity:
  • To improve skills
  • To enjoy their work
  • To keep abreast of new technologies
  • To receive professional development.
The owners of the business are committed to grow the business and will involve stakeholders in this process. However, it will always be understood that the owners can expect to receive fair compensation reflecting the value of their contribution and the capital they have invested.